European Loop Braiding: Part IV

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part IV: Track Plans as a Tool for Analysis; Applications of Loop -Manipulation Braids

Contents are as follows: Track-plans as a tool for analysis. Concept of Track plans; 2. From 
orthodox to unorthodox passages; 3. Counting the Floats; 4. The Six0loop unorthodox braid; 
5. Comparing two unorthodox braids; 6. Four-loop orthodox and unorthodox braids; 7. Double 
tubular braid; 8. A special tubular braid; 9. A braid from the 14th Century; 10. Horse rein; 
11. Tubular strong with a core. 

Application of loop-manipulation braids. 12. Braided Carrying Straps; 13. St Gallen purse; 
14. Münster purse; 15. German purse; 16. Hawk's hoods; 17. Small objects; 18. Medieval 
braids sewn together; 19. Overview of Applications; 20. Braids in Italy. Bibliography, Sources 
and Credits. 

Imported, color photos, 56 pages.
European Loop Braiding: Part IV
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