European Loop Braiding: Part III

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and 
others; Part III: Loop Braiding in Swedish Bridgettine Tradition

The loop-braiding referred to in this book are in all probablility from the Bridgettine Convent 
in Vadstena, Sweden, which was instituted in 1384. Four or more nuns were tasked with keeping
the convent church in textiles and around 40 of them have been preserved, all are liturgical. 

Contents are as follows: Section 1: Braids in Bridgettine tradtion, Bridgettine Textile,.
 Spranged Work, The Decoration and Function of Braids; Section 2: Observations and Analysis, 
Combining Metal with Silk, ...Sewing Stitches on the Braids, Preparing the Loops; Section 3: 
Commented list of Braids; Section 4. Loop-manipulation as a lace technique, The Catherine 
Wheel, The Dragon Braid, Lady Ann Clifford's Lace, A Lace Insertion on Two English Copes, 
Lace Maskell, The Lace Insertion on the Sudary in Uppsala Cathedral, Comparing with Bobbin-
Lace; Bibliography, Sources and Credits. 

Imported, color photos, 56 pages.
European Loop Braiding: Part III
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