Core Stand

The core stand is a device designed by Rodrick Owen to facilitate making Andean core braids or any braid with a core. Rodrick's book on the subject will be published in 2016.

The overhead harness allows the braider to place those tama that are in the core of the braid out of the way while the braid is being made. Tama move back and forth from harness to stand as required by the design. (The core stand in the photo is a prototype with a long legged marudai.  The final version of the harness has hooks rather than notched arms.)

If you already own a 10"/25cm BraidersHand marudai, it will fit into the base, a 12"/30cm BraidersHand marudai will fit on top of the base. If your marudai is by another maker it should fit in a similar manner.The core-stand works with both short and tall marudai.

Price: $325.00. Marudai and tama not included

Core Stand
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  • Manufacturer: BraidersHand in USA
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Price $325.00